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Parmanu Revolver


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During his school days, Vinay became witness to the murder of one of his classmates by a Cop.

Scared by the scene, he decides to hide himself.Vinay takes help from his Uncle K. K. Verma and lives under his tutelage.

Later, Prof.Verma gives Vinay a wonder suit that lends the wearer superhuman abilities.

After putting on the wonder suit Vinay transforms to Wonderman Parmanu who has abilities to shoot atomic rays, fly at unbelievable speed, teleport and reduce to any size he wishes.

This, all is controlled by switches on the wonder suit belt.

Now, Vinay is living dual lives one of Inspector Vinay honest Cop and other of savior Parmanu.

Code: SPCL-0011-H
Pages: 64
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi
Penciler: Manu
Condition: Used

Sold out!

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Parmanu Revolver comics is the comics which narrates the story of Origin of Parmanu.

It’s one of the comics of Parmanu with very good story narration and artwork.

A classic tale of emotions and revenge.

The comis shows you majority of Vinay’s important past, which will lead him in becoming super hero Parmanu.

And how his parents are murdered, sorrow, revenge pervales.

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