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Parmanu Pagal Hai is super funny and exciting story of Parmanu. Parmanu is a superhero who’s first existence appeared in 1991. He has all superpowers and ready to save the world from his powers.

परमाणु को एक षड्यंत्रा में फसा कर पागल साबित करने की कोशिस की जाती है । और , उसके करीब रहने वाले लोग जैसे की ममता , शीना, शिप्रा आदि उसे पागल समझने भी लगते है । जिससे दिल्ली में काफी जान माल की हानि होती है ।
परमाणु को पागल खाने भेज दिया जाता है ।
यह सब किसका षड्यंत्रा है और क्या परमाणु इससे बहार निकल पायेगा ।
जांनने के लिए पढ़े परमाणु पागल है कॉमिक्स ।

Sold out!

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In this comic, Parmanu is treated like a mad man and everyone started thinking and believed that he became mad.

Principle tried to misuse and wanted to trap him but Parmanu makes principle to be trapped in his own plans.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s read this interesting story of mad Pramanu and find out if he really mad or just wanted to create suspense.

What was the plan of the Principle ?

How everyone reacted and what happened in the end?

Will everyone be able to find out his true story. Feel the new version of Pagal  Pramanu who makes you laugh out loud and give you suspense feel throughout till the end of the story.

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