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Pinki aur Hatimtai


Buy Pinki aur Hatimtai Diamond comics online. Pinki is a fun loving kid in the neighbourhood. She is a teenage comic character from diamond comics. Much like Chacha Chaudhary, Pinki was also created by cartoonist Pran Sharma ji. She resembles our inner child and carefree life. She does mischief around her neighbour to make us laugh.

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Her grandfather, parents and specially her uncle Jhapat ji who lives near by are the people who are most scared of her acts. She also has a pet squirrel named Kutkut. Buy her comics Hatimtai to find out how her wishes will be fulfilled by Hatim. Pinki has a lot of homework to do but when she finds that Hatim tai can grant wishes she requests him to do his homework. What all other wishes will Pinki ask from this magical man find out in this funny comics.


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