Pinki Aur Jhatpat Ji Ki Patang
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Pinki Aur Jhatpat Ji Ki Patang


Pinki aur jhapat ji ki patang Diamond comics buy online. Once again Pinki is with Jhapat ji who is his neighbout. Jhapat ji as we all know is always scared of Pinki’s mischiefs. She has been troubling Jhapat ji with some or the other problems whenever she goes to his house. This time they are flying a kite what will happen find out in this funny comics from cartoonist Pran Sharma in Hindi.

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D-0164 Pinky Aur Jhatpat Ji Ki Patang पिंकी और झप्पटजी की पतंग what happens when Pinki and Jhapat ji her neighbour come together to fly a kite. The naughty and funny Pinki will she create more problems for him. Read this funny comics of little Pinki.

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