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Ram Rahim Aur Jadugar Cobra


Buy Online Ram Rahim Aur Jadugar Cobra Ram Rahim is the first and most standard characters to appear on Manoj Comics, a renowned comics strip in India. Ram and Rahim were two special characters accepting the capacity of spies. Children used to hold on for summer events in the last aspect of the 80s and mid-90s for exceptional arrivals of Ram-Rahim’s and Crookbond’s funnies during summer events. Ram Rahim’s Dracula scenes are seen as best by its fans.

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Ram for all intents and purposes all the events relies upon his shrewdness while Rahim had limits introduced upon him inferable from his prosthetic arm which gave him exorbitantly ordinary power. In hardly any titles like Icchadhari Ram, Ram got excellent limits of a Snake where in he was half human half snake.

The choice of character’s name as Ram and Rahim was similarly contributing towards severe arrangement among kids. According to one volume explicitly Vatann ke Dushman Rahim is the offspring of a Pakistani colonel who surrendered to India after he got baffled by commitment of Pakistani military, especially an authority named Fanneh Khan. Pummel is the most seasoned offspring of an incredibly situated Indian Intelligence official. Pummel is a Hindu name while Rahim is a Muslim name. Both will have giant friendship and both will participate to save the world.

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