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Ram Rahim Devta ka Pyala


Buy Ram Rahim Devta ka Pyala Manoj comics online. One day when Ram and Rahim were traveling in a car they see a soul of a dead princess. They see her repeatedly several times and considering some omen they decide to take the help of an astrologer who tells them that this girl was a princess from the past on a planet named dome where you two could not save her. Even after her death, her soul is trapped.  How will the two save the princess find out in this action-packed comics?

Condition: Used/Average minor issues with the cover
Pages: 64
Story: Bimal Chatterjee
Artwork: Kadam Studio

Sold out!

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When Ram, Rahim go to the planet dome after entering a river they find out that the planet has developed and has become very futuristic. The two are then greeted by the king and the soldiers who tell them about an elixir which will make them immortal. But they are determined to save the princess first and reach the hidden fortress, where they are met with the unwanted souls of the demons who had killed the princess earlier. How will the two heroes from Manoj comics Ram, Rahim fight these demons find out in this rare comics Ram Rahim aur Devta ka pyala? It is a very well written horror comic, filled with mystery.


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