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Ram Rahim Shaitaan Ka Top


Buy Ram Rahim comics Shaitaan ka top online published by Manoj comics in Hindi. The story is around a crown which has magical powers and gives super human strength to who ever wears it. When Ram wears this cap on his head before the start of a play he turns into a demon and starts attacking everyone. What is the mystery behind this cap or evil crown find out in this amazing action packed comics of Ram Rahim. This is a rare Manoj comics in good condition.

Condition: Good/ Used / There is a minor tear on the biding side. (all pages are new)
Pages: 64

Sold out!

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Ram gains evil powers when he wears the Shaitaan ka top, who is this Shaitaan and how did Ram get this crown. Will Ram become more powerful than Rahim and his bio mechanical arm. The comics brings forth many magical questions and once again this is a well written comics of Ram Rahim series. The art work is done by Kadam studios and story by Bimal Chatterjee. Find out in this action packed comics of how Ram and Rahim are able to defeat the evil crown.


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