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Raman aur Mogasingh di Gaddi

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Buy Raman aur Mogasingh di Gaddi Diamond Comics online. Raman is a popular hero from diamond comics published across various languages for kids. One day Raman and Gappu were going were unable to catch a bus Raman got furious after this and started scolding Gappu for his slow speed. Gappu then tells Raman that they can take lift from Mogasingh, what happens next find out in this funny comics.

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Raman is a funny character from Diamond comics published in Hindi. He is depicted as a middle class man who does funny acts and faces similar problems to that faced by us, low salary, yelling boss, late to office etc. He was created by cartoonist Pran Sharma ji. He is surely one of the most popular heroes amongst the other characters by Diamond comics.


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