Sampurna Balcharitra Super Commando Dhruv Hunters Flashback 2015
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Sampurna Balcharitra Super Commando Dhruv


Fire can’t always burn away memories, but few memories can destroy everything!Years after Jupiter circus was destroyed, its memories are back! Memories that Dhruv is unaware of! These memories will burn his family, his friends, his colleagues, his world and then Dhruv himself!

But why?

Baal Charit series is the series started by Anupam Sinha who is artist and author of many Dhruv and Nagraj comics. This series stars Super Commando Dhruv, and goes back in the life of Dhruv. The story seems to be inspired some what from the Batman’s new 52 Vol 1 I would say the villain did look like the Night of owls villains. The story takes us back into how Dhruv’s past where a gang of professional killers is out looking for stuff from Jupiter circus and seems to have captured the old relative and friend of Dhruv, Uncle Jacob. Also in this mishap is Shweta who is injured fighting these extremely dangerous professional killers.

The Book Here is collection of Six Stories –

  • Hunter
  • Flashback
  • No Man’s Land
  • Phoenix
  • Dead End
  • Endgame

Hard Bind and Signed and autographed by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr.Manish Gupta and Mr. Anupam Sinha.

Book has gold plating on papers and is in average good collection condition

Baal Charit Series Dhruv Comics 2015
Condition : Used/Average
Cover : Hard Cover




Sold out!

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The drawings are once agains amazingly done by Anupam Sinha. The story is fast pased but easily understood, if it is not stretched across several parts I am sure it will be a good story like the Khazana series. We still have not found the answer to several questions like why is the group after Jupiter Circus’ old things what specifically do they want.

Also shown in this comics is how Dhruv’s mother turns against him when she sees that Shweta is getting injured because of him. I feel that all the family members including the commissioner will get against him and try to mentally break down Dhruv in the concluding parts, Dhruv may need the help of all his friends and Commando force in order to bring down this adversary called Hunters.  The next comics in the series is called Flashback.


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