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Sapne bechne wala


Buy online Sapne bechne wala Tulsi Comics by Comics India. This comics tells a story of a prince who wants to marry his dreamgirl and a dream seller helps him. A king is very sad because his son named Vaibhav does not seem to be agreeing to marry any girl. He is very disappointed. One day a dream seller comes to town and helps the king to find the princess whom prince Vaibhav is looking for what happens next find out in this comics.

Condition: New/Unused
Pages: 32
Story: Manjula Sharma
Art director: Pratap Malick
Art: Chandu
Editor: Pramila Jain
Re colouring: Shehzeb Khan
Calligraphy: Uday Bhaskar

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Once upon a time in the town of Vaibhav Gadh lived a king named Mahendra Singh who had a son named Vaibhav. The prince was not interested in marrying any of the princess or girls in the nearby kingdom and seeked a princes from his dream. The king was very saddened by this and asked his minister to help him. One day a dream seller named Sapne Benchnewala came to his town. He used to show everyone the dreams which they always wanted. The king on hearing this news is very happy and comes to seek his help. Dreamseller agrees to this and helps prince Vaibhav find out the princess he wanted. He sees that there is a princess who is trapped somewhere and is looking for him to rescue her. The princess was captured by a cruel magician. How will the prince save the princess find out in this magical comics.


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