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Satte Pe Satta Fighter Toads Comics


Satte pe Satta is another funny comics from Dilip Chaube ji. He is the one who has brought Fighter Toads to life after their initial start by Anupam Sinha in their first few comics. The story of the comics revolves around cricket betting. The comics starts with a guy who is inside a gutter and looking curiously at an on going match. Meanwhile our innocent Fighter Toads barge in. As you are aware that our Fighter Toads live inside the gutter. What happens next find out by buying this funny comics in Hindi by Raj comics.

Condition: Good / Used
Story: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Planning: Anupam Sinha
Art: Dilip Chaubey
Colour and writing: Suneel Pandey
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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Satte pe Satta comics as the name suggests is about a guy who is known to bet on matches. Inside the gutter our super heroes Fighter Toads put a bet which they win and they have a fight with the bookee. They then beat him up and so he has to leave the gutter but the story is not over yet. Another bookiee comes into play named Satoriya Shah who is the main boss. While our Fighter Toads compete in the Olympics and do more fun. Find out what happens next in this action packed comedy.


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