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Shakti Mandrake #4

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Buy Mandrake #4 Shakti Comics online in English, in this comics Mandrake weds Narda. The story is 42 pages long and has been written by Lee Flak. The comics comes with amazing artwork and storyline.

Story : Lee Flak
Art : Fred Fredericks
Cover Art : Avishek Vishvas
Pages: 42
Condition: Used/Average

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Love and magic danced hand-in-hand as Mandrake, the debonair magician, and Narda, his fiercely loyal princess, said “I do.” No ordinary wedding this, theirs was a whirlwind tour of love’s grandest stages.

First, Cockaigne, Narda’s ancestral kingdom, draped their union in European grandeur. Crystal chandeliers winked under frescoed ceilings as royalty and commoners alike cheered the union. Yet, amidst the pomp, Mandrake and Narda held fast to their hearts, eyes sparkling with promises whispered under ancient tapestries.

Next, Xanadu, Mandrake’s Edenic jungle haven, embraced them with the warm humidity of a thousand summer nights. Fantastic creatures peeked from leafy shadows as the ceremony wove spells of laughter and magic. Here, their vows, spoken under a baobab’s colossal limbs, echoed with the whispers of forgotten spirits, blessing their bond.

Finally, the College of Magic, Mandrake’s alma mater, witnessed their love transcend the mundane. Glowing orbs cast spectral rainbows as ancient incantations mingled with joyous songs. Mandrake and Narda, hands clasped tight, were not just husband and wife, but champions of good united against the shadows.

Their wedding wasn’t just a spectacle, it was a symphony of love, adventure, and hope. It resonated beyond the comic’s pages, inspiring fans to dream of their own happily ever afters. For Mandrake and Narda, this wasn’t just the end of a chapter, but the thrilling beginning of a love story that transcended realms and time. It was a testament to the magic, both fantastical and real, that binds two souls together.


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