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Shukral Aur Haleepa


Buy Shukral aur Halipa comic online, published by Raj comics in Hindi. The cruel emperor of Turkey, Haleepa, who wanted to build a wonderful palace, before which all the palaces of the world would fade. For this he started his expedition to conquer world and the Narmegh Yagya. He chose Shukral as the Nar of the Yagya.

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As,King Halipa chose Shukraal as the Nar of Narmegh Yagya.

Shukraal began his conquest by winning battle after battle.And,reached Shukraa Desh.

Where the Empress of Shukraa Desh Patakha held him captive.

King Haleepa was facinated with the beauty of Patakha and wanted to marry her.

Patakha knew Shukraal was her husband from past and crwaled in death just to teach her a lesson.

Knowing this Patakha released Shukraal.

Shukraal got freed and presented the Patakha to King Haleepa.

What happened next ?

Buy The comics now to know.

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