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Super Commando Dhruv Anth Buy Online


‘Anth’ is a wonderful fictional story. The lead positive character of the story is ‘Dhruv’. Dhruv is a gallant commander who fights with all the evils with bravery and intelligence. However, the story is literally interesting with the presence of different types of negative characters like criminals (Doctor Virus and Julu), aliens (Jujjula and Mattak), and so on. Doctor Virus is back.

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The plot of the story begins with Doctor Virus, who was ferocious and dangerous. Doctor Virus always employs different ways of experiments that harm the mankind.It is true and scientifically proven that DNA are the units of life. Death means the death of DNA. In the story, the scientific facts are presented in an amazing and beautiful manner. Doctor Virus and Julu fled away from the jail of Rajnagar. Dhruv, along with his companion, is searching for them all around. However, suddenly, they saw two big rocks floating in the air. These rocks resemble as if they are comets.

Just after that, it seems that the two rocks banged with each other and within a while cleared a blurry atmosphere. Everything was dim and gloomy. All of a sudden, a gigantic figure appeared at once. He is totally different from human beings. He looks like a demon or maybe, he is an alien!

Oh my God! How will Dhruv deal with these two problems? It’s really a hard nut to crack. To know more, take this fabulous comic ‘Anth’ published by Raj Comics. 

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