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Dushman Super Commando Dhruv


Dhruv was born in Jupiter circus where his parents used to perform various acts.

Due to some reason the circus was burnt down and he was adopted by commission Rajan Mehra as his son.

His daughter and Dhruv’s sister Shweta also plays a masked character named Chandika who fights crime.

He does not have any super power but uses his genius level intellect to fight crime.

He can talk to various animals and can breathe under water.

He is an expert marksman, stunt biker and knows various martial arts and an acrobat.

All these skills help him fight the crime in his city.

  • Paperback : 64 pages
  • Condition : Used
  • Publisher : Raj Comics (1 January 1999)
  • Language: : Hindi


Sold out!

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Vidushak was a well-known offender for committing serious crimes, but he escaped from justice by proving himself mentally sick.

He manages to fled from the asylum authorities while he was being transferred to an asylum in Rajnagar.

He heads straight to the yacht to avenge his gang who was being harassed by Haroon Shah gang.

Shweta is dating Shantanu.Due to mistake in identity Vidushak attacks Shantanu’s father.

Vidhushak wants Dhruv to find a painting in exchange of his sister Shweta’s life.

Will Dhruv steal the painting for Shweta or is there a trick Dhruv still has up in his sleeves.

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