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Super Commando Dhruv Shahenshah


Welcome to a world of fictions and fantasies where imagination has no boundaries. And Raj Comics is well-versed in creating that kind of atmosphere through its comics. ‘Shahenshah’ is literally another piece of impeccable work in the series of comics related to the gallant character ‘Dhruv’.

Shala’s support and loyalty towards Dhruv is a matter of enmity for Natasha. And that’s why she wants to captivate her alive anyhow in order to torture her.

Comics cover is deteriorated but book is in readable and collectable condition.

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Sold out!

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Natasha’s defeats against Shala make her even more angry and furious. For that, I-1 is appointed by Robo. I-1 proposed that in order to kidnap Shala, they have to use Dhruv as a bait.

However, Shala was suspicious about I-1’s loyalty. Shala is protective about Dhruv and she will definitely come to save him if Dhruv is put into a deadly situation. 

Thus, he commanded Beecall, who has explosive strings, to go and trap Dhruv. The battle between the monster Beecall and Dhruv was very dangerous and it was overcoming Dhruv at every step.

Eventually, Beecall was successful in his attempt to trap and handover Shala to Natasha and I-1.

After taking her to her zone, Natasha was astonished to know that Shala was actually Shweta and released her immediately. 

Why did she do so? Will this be acceptable for I-1 and Robo? Is I-1 really trustworthy? Satisfying your curiosities with Raj Comics.

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