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Thrill Horror Suspence Dus Kodo Ki Saza


Dus kodon ki saza is a comics from Raj comics in Hindi, it is a story of a king who had a song named Ranjeet singh.

The king believed in every word his son said. He used to give 10 lashes as punishment to anyone who did wrong or bad deeds in his kingdom.

One day his son Ranjeet singh met a girl and promised to marry her.

But later rejected the girl and wanted both her and her father dead.

The old man who is the father of the girl is given capital punishment by the prince, who convinces the king that the old man had killed her daughter.

But the girl survived and was taken away and took care by a sage.

How will the girl return to take her revenge find it in the amazing action packed king queen story from Raj comics.

Condition: Used Average
Writer: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Artist: Bali Lavangare
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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Buy Online GENL-0336 Thrill Horror Suspense Dus Kodo Ki Saza

The story of the comics is filled with emotion and drama.

In a state, there was a king Ajit Singh, who believed his Son Ranjeet Singh blindly.

Every criminal in the country punished by a special scourge.

No one usually survives this punishment and it was equivalent to a death sentence.

Ranjeet Singh loves a girl and deceived her.

He ordered a punishment of Dus Kodo Ki Saza to her father.

Will the old man surveyed will the girl gets the rights she deserves.

Buy and read this comics to know more..

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