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‘Frendi 2’ is a tremendously horror story blended with black magic practices and introduced by Raj Comics.

Frendi is a type of doll that is used by children for playing purposes. Each frendi has its own name. Ranjana’s son Vishu also got a Frendi whose name was Jackie. However this Frendi isn’t friendly at all.

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Ranjana’s son Vishu also got a Frendi whose name was Jackie. However this Frendi isn’t friendly at all. 

Vishu wants a Frendy on his birthday.  His mother Ranjana loves her son Vishu a lot and wants to fulfil his wish. She was a receptionist and it was almost impossible for her to get a Frendy for her son. However, Rosy, Ranjana’s friend, was struck by a goon by mistake and he gave her a Frendy at a very low price saying that it is a stolen article.  

Rosy gave the Frendy to Vishu. Vishu called this Frendy as Jackie. Unfortunately, the worst part of Vishu and his acquaintances’ life started from here. This is because this Frendy was not an ordinary or a normal one. Rather, it’s a possessed Frendy; possessed by the evil spirit of a criminal— Jagga.

Frendy killed Rosy and Pinki. Vishu was totally or partially blamed for their deaths. Though Vishu is continuously saying that this Frendy walks, talks, and acts like humans, her mother doesn’t believe.

Later on, Frendy attacks Ranjana and is sucking her blood. And then………………………..?


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