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Thrill Horror Suspense Khidaki Buy Online

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Khidki” is another mysterious piece of writing by Raj Comics. The name is simple yet engaging and the artwork is just fantastic. You can find a balanced mixture of fear, humour, suspense, love, betrayal, and different other emotions along with the supernatural characters like demons, witches, spirits, gods, and aliens too. All these elements act as spices and enhance the charm of the story.

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The story revolves around a lady mysteriously. The name of this lady is Minu. And the thing that astonishes the most is that this lady remains safe from death. She fell from a height, she faced a drastic accident, but nothing affected her.

His husband named Vijay himself is surprised at these incidents. However, suddenly, Minu started seeing a weird shadow from her window revolving around her house and window. Now, she can see the terrible death scenes of her husband’s friends —Babu, Rozy and Master. And then…………?

What was that!! Was Minu fascinating about those deaths? Was it her hallucination or the bitter reality? Why was Vijay surprised by her wife’s rescue from the jaws of death? He is her husband, he must be happy, instead of being astonished. Whose shadow was that? The story left us with many queries.

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