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THS – Pishach Raja


Buy rare thrill horror suspense comic Pishach Raja online. In the city of Kanchanpuram lived a king with 5 sons they were doing their studies under a sage who after the completion of their education requests them to kill a demon named Pishachdant. The sage had promised his master that he will defeat this demon who had killed several of his students. But everytime he tries to do a yagya the demon interferes. How will these 5 princes defeat Panchdant find out in this old rare raj comics called Pishach Raja.

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Buy this thrill horror suspense comics Pishach raja online. The story of a demon called Panchdant who lures his victims to an empty cave and kills them. A sage has promised his master that he will kill this demon but has failed to do so due to the demon’s magical powers. Now it is upto the 5 princes to defeat the demon. Find out how they will do this task in this rare comic.


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