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Tiranga- Kalmurti


Buy Tiranga- Kalmurti Raj Comics online. Tiranga is a superhero from Raj comics who fights crime in his white dress hiding behind a mask. He works along with the police to fight bad guys. He has no special super powers but uses his genius level intellect and some of his gadgets like his shield to fight his enemies. His comics are filled with thrill and mystery. Some of his comics were written by Dilip Chaube ji.

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Buy Kalmurti Tiranga comics. This is a very long and interesting story of Tiranga fighting a mad man who is destroying the various statues of eminent people. He is also the one behind the mysterious deaths of leaders and politicians who are going out there and inagurating the statues. How will our hero Tiranga find and fight such a man find out in this action packed thriller of Tiranga.


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