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Bankelal Bhooton Ki Toli


Bhooton ki Toli comics of Bankelal is another funny comics from Raj comics, authored by Bedi ji. The story starts when Bankelal and Vikram Singh are heading towards Vishalgarh when they encounter a Rishi, after Bankelal mocks him he curses Bankelal and the story begins to take a new turn. They land up in a city of Prasannagar where the king is hanging everyone for minor crimes and ghosts have taken over the city. How will Bankelal and Vikram Singh fight them find out in this hilarious comics Bhooton ki Toli.

Pages: 32
Condition: Used/Average
Story: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Editor: Manish Gupta

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Bankelal is caught in the city of Prassan Nagar for throwing a shoe at the king. They have been sentenced to death. Meanwhile the earlier people of the city who died at an early age have become ghosts and are waiting for Bankelal and Vikram Singh to join them so they can become powerful and teach the king a lesson. What will happen next find out in this amazing comics


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