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Trikaal Bhokal Comics


Buy Trikal Bhokal comics online. Published by Raj comics in Hindi. Bhokal is a super hero with magical powers which comes from his sword. He lives in the city of Vikas Nagar in the era of kings and queens. The story of Trikal is in continuity with the earlier comics called Jigar ka Tukda and Chhal where Bhokal’s children have been killed by his enemy named Kaaljantri and he has managed to capture his last child who was saved by Kapala the cat of Turin. This child is the son of Turin and Bhokal. What will happen next will Bhokal kill his son unknowingly find out in this action packed comics called Trikaal.

Condition: Used / Good
Editor: Manish Gupta
Writer: Sanjay Gupta
Penciling: Dilip Kadam
Inking: Rajendra Yedpure
Lettering: Sandeep Vaagh
Colour Scheme: Naamdev Sheersagar

Sold out!

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The story starts where Kaaljantri, Kubda Shaitan, Gudik and other enemies of Bhokal are sitting and plotting to kill Bhokal with the help of this child. Kaaljantri says that he is collecting life energy by killing the children of Bhokal in the earlier comics and now he will use these powers to defeat Bhokal as well. He has found this child in the hills of Himalayas where Kapala was taking care of this child. He puts a magical locket around the child’s neck so he is in control of him. After giving this child many other magical powers he is sent to Vikas Nagar the place where Bhokal lives.

This series of Bhokal comics leading upto Trikaal is very dipressing in story. In the city of Vikas Nagar On the other hand Bhokal is depressed at the loss of his children and is being consoled by his minister. When all of a sudden a head falls near his legs and he finds that there is chaos in the city. Trikal a young boy enters the city and starts to kill the soldiers of Vikas Nagar. Bhokal soon gets in to action and fights his own son Trikaal. After a tough battle he is able to defeat the boy and burn him to ashes with the Jwala Shakti. But this is not the end of the story the boy was given life energy by Kaaljantri and so he can revive 3 more times. How will Bhokal Survive find out in this action packed comics.

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