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Woh Chehra Shakti Comics


Buy Woh Chehra Shakti comics online. Shakti Comics Woh Chehra is a digest with 50 pages of story. Shakti is a super hero from Raj comics who has been given powers by Goddess Kali to protect the women from the crimes against them. She posses power of fire, an ability to turn any metal into a weapon and has a third eye. She can even fly and has super human strength. What is the story of this shakti comics find out in the 50 page digest today.

Sold out!

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In this comics woh Chehra we find that Shakti has been dreaming about her late husband who had killed her two daughters. She is faced with a villain who is causing havoc in the city. Along with a gang named Khopadiya crack (which means break head). They are beating up people around the city and taking their money. While Shakti was traveling with her friend in a car they are attacked by these gang members and she is protected by an unknown Ninja fighter. She later finds that this guy is named Deepak and he looks similar to his late husband Dinesh. She gets annoyed at Deepak and leaves the hospital where Deepak or the Ninja was admitted after getting in injured in an act to save Shakti and her new husband Tarun.
They are again captured by the Khopadiya Crack Gang and Ninja comes to rescue them, the gang is brought down by him and Shakti is left in tears after an apology. Meanwhile the real villain named Cheel is still out and the story continues in the second part of the comics called Vidhwa ka Pati. This is another amazing comics from Raj comics published in Hindi.


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