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Ashwaraj aur Kalptaru


Buy Ashwaraj aur Kalptaru Comics online. Ashwaraj is a superhero from Raj comics. He fights along with his horse named Kalptaru to save the world. Ashwaraj is an Indian comic book character, who was very popular during the 90s and 2000s he is half human and half horse or a minotaur. Ashwraj has super human strength and magical powers which he uses to save the world and his kingdom of Ashwalok. He has five magical horses in his cart who can talk to him, each of which has an special ability. Buy the rare comics of Kalptaru online today.


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Ashwaraj has his chariot driven by five magical horses. If you have read Ashwaraj comics you may already know all this. Although for those who are new to the comics world. His five horses have the following ability.

Ashwvat has ability to talk & understand any language.
Raktambar: has powerful viewing ability.
Kalakhor: has powerful smelling ability.
Shravyashakti: has powerful hearing ability.
Neelkanthh: has powerful analysis ability.


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