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‘Bankelal aur pariyon ki musibat’ is a hilarious fiction story. The artwork is pretty vibrant and the story is literally entertaining. The  storyline revolves around the fairies of the fairyland (Parilok) who are being tortured by the Demons (daitya) of the Daityalok and how Bankelal helped them to deal with this pathetic issue. Daityalok is present adjacent to the Parilok.

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The lead character of this Bankelal Comics is Bankelal. Bankelal is very intelligent and has an innocent appearance.  According to the comic, there is a Fairyland where fairies live and next to it lies the Daityalok. The demons reside in the Daityalok. They have been torturing and kidnapping the fairies for a long time. Being harassed by their oppressive activities, the queen of the fairies wants a solution. Anyhow, she got to know that a person named Bankelal could help them to get rid of the situation. 

Bankelal resides in Vishalgarh. Therefore, the fairies kidnapped Vikram Singh, the king of Vishalgarh , so that Bankelal would come to his rescue. Unwillingly, Bankelal has to go with the fairies. However, before he could save the fairies, or the king, he along with the king and the fairy queen got caught by the demons.

Like really! What happens next? Will Bankelal be able to save himself, the fairy queen and the king Vikram Singh? And how? To know that, buy this wonderful comic by Raj Comics and enjoy your spare moments. 

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