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Raj Comics is a great entity in terms of publishing interesting public Comics. ‘Rishi Bankelal’ is one among the numerous outstanding comic stories presented by them in a lovely and creative manner. As far as the story is concerned, it is pretty wonderful and has been presented in a splendid manner.

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The story starts with a crowd in Vishalgarh. In the crowd, Bankelal, who always desired to be a king, was also present in the crowd. He saw that there is a deep faith among the village mass regarding the saints. Therefore, he decided to become a saint to enjoy all the privileges and become a superior body in front of the people of the village. 

To achieve this goal, he went to the saint or sage “Motacharya” to become his disciple and to learn how to become a ‘Rishi’ . Motacharya is a satirical character who is treated as a God by the innocent and superstitious people of Vishalgarh.

The comic depicts the whole story regarding how Bankelal becomes a saint.

And,his whole journey towards achieving this aim and what happened after that.

Altogether, it’s quite a beautiful story and is kept in a crafty manner by the Raj Comics. 

For better understanding, you must obviously get the comic and read by yourself. 


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