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Buy Online Bankelal Sinhasan Battisi Collectable Raj Comics in Hindi.

Raj Comics always show quality through its comics and ‘Sinhasan Battisi’ is one among such beautiful pieces of writing. The whole story is basically based upon the various plans and plots made to dethrone the king Vikram Singh and destroy the throne of Vishalgarh. बांकेलाल कॉमिक्स : सिंहासन बत्तीसी 

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There will be no objection if we call Bankelal —the ‘Hasya Samrat’ (King of Comedy) because he is worth it. He is witty,funny and mischievous ! Though being placed as a negative character, who always makes different unsuccessful attempts to dethrone the king of Vishalgarh —Vikram Singh, yet his feats are lovely. 

His deeds never create any hatred or any kind of negative feelings towards Bankelal. Rather, the way he tackles the whole situation and all the different supernatural characters, elements, incidents, etc. are truly awesome. Moreover, the introduction of saints, sages, demons, gods-goddesses, and their magical worlds (Kalanklok, Devlok, Vaanaralok, Sarpalok, etc.) enhance the charm of the story. 

But, he only employs his wit to tackle the messes (mostly raised by his own mistake) without any superhuman powers. He has a will to acquire the throne of Vishalgarh and thus make several efforts. Anyhow, his plans always fail and have reverse actions and help the king to gain more trust and support of his subjects.