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Bhokal – Kundla ka Jaal


Buy Bhokal – Kundla ka Jaal Raj comics Online. Bhokal faces one of his strongest enemies Kundla in this action packed comics. Buy this rare comics today. The story of Kundla ka Jaal starts with the city of VikasNagar where a elephant named Gajendra who has a magical pearl on his head is being welcomed by the public in the city. On the other hand a person named Kundla enters the city attacking the soldiers and killing them. How will Bhokal defeat him find out?

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Kundla wants to claim the throne for himself and challenges his brother who is the current king named Ratnasen. Kundla attacks with his jaal or spiderweb on the soldiers and captures the current king with his magic. Kundla shows the first appearance of Kundla who is the brother of the king Ratnasen of Vikas Nagar. Bhokal has promised to protect the king. But when one day Kundla shows up with his magical powers killing many soldiers and was about to slay the King Bhokal saves him and puts Kundla in jail. But in jail Kundla meets an old man who tells him how to gain magical powers from a pearl worn by an elephant. Kundla snatches that pearl from the elephant named Gajendra and awakens his Kundalini powers and becomes the master of the five elements of nature. Even Bhokal fails to defeat him. What happens next how will Bhokal find this powerful enemy find out in this amazing issue of Raj comics?


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