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Bhokal Shutaan Ki Shaadi


Venu was very beautiful girl of who was committing thefts of children in Vikasnagar.

Hypnotic Emperor Shutaan was captivated with Venu’s beauty, but before he could capture Venu.

She vanished with the magician Bhadjonk for whom Venu stole the children.


Comics is in readable and collectable format.

Comics cover page is torn a bit.



Sold out!

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The wizard of the Dukhant planet, Bhadzhonk, who was building with the blood of those children the devil Raktasura.

After, revealing the mystery of Venu.

Bhadzhonk sent Venu and his dreaded companions for stealing the children from Vikasnagar.

Where Bhokal, Tureen and Shutaan were ready to take on him.

What happens next..

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