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Billoo Aur Late Lateef


Buy Online Billoo Aur Late Lateef. As you may be aware the Billoo is lazy guy he is usually late to school and gets average grades. This time also Billoo arrives late to school. This happens when he woke up late and missed the school bus. What happens next and how does the teacher react to this find out in this funny comics.

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The first story is about how Billoo arrives late to school. He misses his bus when he woke up late from bed. In the school teacher is annoved by his lazy behavior and asks him to stand up on the chair for next two hours. While the whole school leaves Billoo stands there waiting for the teacher to arrive when actually the principal shows up. What happens next will he be punished for another hour. Find out in this funny comics Billoo aur Late Latif from Diamond comics published in Hindi.

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