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Billoo Aur Teddy Bear


Buy Online Billoo Aur Teddy Bear by Diamond comics. Billoo aur Teddy Bear is a funny comics of Billoo our young super hero. The first story in the comics is Billoo aur Bajrangi ka shauk. Bajrangi is a bitter enemy of Billoo and wants to show in down every time. Billoo aur Teddy Bear is a story of thief who is in a garden with a teddy bear when police catches him. The criminal tells the constable Baro that the toy had a bomb in it. How will constable and Billoo help save innocent lives find out in this action packed and funny comics.

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Billoo goes after the Teddy Bear only to find out that a small girl had picked it up from the garden. She when chased by Billoo goes to her home and locks her up on the terrace. She refuses to give the Teddy Bear which contains a bomb to Billoo. What happens next find out in this nail biting comics.

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