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Billoo ka Samosa


Buy Billoo ka Samosa Diamond comics online. What happens when Billoo’s mother makes some samosa and he is unable to eat it. What stop him find out. You will find Pinki in the guest appearance. Billoo and Pinki both were created by cartoonist Pran Sharma ji. Who is the legend behind Diamond comics’ success in the early years. Diamond comics¬† aims at kids and people of all ages. The stories are short and easy to understand. Buy Billoo comics, Billoo ka samosa rare Diamond comics today.

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One day Billoo brought a cake and was about to eat it when Pinki’s squirrel came in and ate the cake. Billoo was very annoyed next his mother made some samosa’s and again Kutkut squirrel came in to eat them but Billoo’s dog Moti chased her away what happens next when the two animals compete who will win Billoo’s dog or Pinki’s squirrel a cute and funny story can be read in this Diamond comics Billoo ka samosa


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