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Parmanu Chaar Saal Ka Parmanu


Comics readers, presenting most adventurous and super exciting story of an Inspector.Inspector Vinay who with help of Professor transforms to a  Wonderman Parnamu.

Chaar saal ka parmanu, launched in Januray,2002 written by Hanif Azahar. The comic is full of suspense which create goosebumps while reading. You can find yourself in the story and easily relate it.

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 The story is about Inspector Dhanush, who is a very powerful, honest and intelligent police man.

He is always ready to serve society and ready to face all challenges. He is very brave and ready to fight against all odds. His days are full of adventure and nights are risky.

Criminals have an eye on him to finish the inspector as he comes to know about every misdeed and secrets of criminals.

It’s time to find out how he will save himself or any superhero will enter to finish the criminals and save the inspector from his superpowers.

You can buy or read online this interesting story.

दिल्ली में आता है एक नया विलेन.जो देता है सरे क्रिमिनल्स को परनामु से छुटकारा दिलाने की गारंटी|

इस के लिए वो इस्तेमाल करता है| लोगो को पिछली जिंदगी में ले जने की अदभुद शक्ती.परमानु बी हमका शिकर हो कर हमता है चार सल का |

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