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Code Name Comet Dhruv


Buy Code Name Comet Dhruv Comics online first part of the series city without a hero. This story tells us how Dhruv has an alternate character.This is a 80 page comics where we come to know that Dhruv has passed away in an accident and how the city of Raj Nagar has lost his hero, where as Shweta and his family have lost a family member. How will the comics unfold find out in this comics? This comics was published in the year 2013.

Condition: Used/Good
Parikalpana: Shitij Padhi
Writer: Mandar Gokhle
Artist: Hemant Kumar

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The story of Code Name Comet Dhruv comics starts off with a character named Comet trying to save a young girl from the hands of a gangster and then with the help of his sidekick brings her to her parents. Also helps them in defusing a bomb safely. Who is this person named Comet is he really Dhruv or someone else find out in this story.


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