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Daldal Dhruv Comics


Daldal Dhruv comics buy online Raj comics published in Hindi. See what happens when the city of Rajnagar is covered with swamp. How will Dhruv save the day. A mutant has attacked the city of Rajnagar where Dhruv has to save the day by fighting this mutant. The mutant covers the entire city in Swamp and nearly everything from buildings to cars start to sink inside the ground. Buy this rare comics to find out how Dhruv will fight this monster.

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Artist: Anupam Sinha

Sold out!

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Daldal by Anupam Sinha ji is another master piece of art and story in Dhruv’s comics. The story starts off with a swamp in Dhruv’s city which engulfs few children and Dhruv comes to there rescue, soon after a plane with a nuclear weapon is dropped in the swamp and a man near by gets in contact with it and becomes a swamp man. He gains powers and starts to poison the city with marsh and swamp. How will Dhruv save Rajnagar find out in this action packed comics of Super Commando Dhruv published by Raj comics.


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