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If you are a kid from the 90s then you simply cannot ignore the roles of comics in your life. They were the one of the most popular mode of entertainment. And if you are from that era then it is next to impossible that you would have not heard about Raj Comics.

They are a leading publication house who have introduced various popular superheroes in India. One such popular superheroes are the main character of Naram Garma series Doga and Tiranga. 

This comic is in readable and collectable condition.Cover page is bit worn out.

Pages: 64

Condition: Used

Sold out!

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The popular stories of Doga and Tiranga has been published under the name of Naram Garam.

This Comics represents the characteristics of the two. Doga is a Garam character who punishes the criminal.

While on the other hand Tiranga is a Naram and he believes in Law.

Tiranga has full faith in the law and always handover the criminal so, that he may be prosecuted under law.

The best part of this story is their teamwork as they are very different from each other yet they manage to work together.

One will definitely love this combination.

Story here the blend of two super hero characters of Raj Comic who team up against the same evil.

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