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Dug Dugi Doga


The story is based between the fight of white collar villain and Doga.

People in Bus caught a person and believed he is a thief.

All passengers and even Doga start punishing them.

What happens next is he the real thief or Doga has reacted too quickly this time.

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In the stuffy bus, there is quarrel of pick pocketing man’s pocket.

In which the victim claimed to be carrying 20000 rupees.

He also claimed  to catch the thief.

Doga is also ready to thrash the thief with the crowd.

The culprit caught by the crowd claims to be innocent but Doga keeps on beating him.

At,last we come to know that he was innocent school teacher.

Now he wants to avenge Doga for beating him.

What happens next Buy and Read this Doga Comics.

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