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Gojo Aur Laal Hatyara


Gojo aur Laal hatayara rare Raj comics buy online. Gojo is a super hero from raj comics who has several different powers inside of him. He fights demons and other bad guys in the world of kings and queens. This time Gojo has to fight a demon who is named Laal hatayra everytime the blood drop of this demon falls on earth a new demon is born. How will Gojo fight him will he be able to ever defeat him find out in this action packed comics.

Condition: Used/Coverless/Average
Pages: 32
Writer: Meenu Wahi
Artwork: Soma graphics
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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The story of Laal hatyara starts when a baaz manav or bird man attacks Laal hatayara who is a demon who cannot be killed. Every time the blood drops from his body on the ground a new demon is born, but after he has defeated the baaz manav in a battle the baaz manav runs away and attacks some sages who are saved by Gojo. Gojo is on a path to visit the temple of Shweta devi. What all demons come in his way during the visit find out in this action packed comics from Raj comics


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