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Hawaldar Bahadur (Vol-1) Collector edition


Buy Hawaldar Bahadur 4 in 1 comics online by Manoj Comics, republished by Comics India. This collector edition issue has the first four comics of Hawaldar Bahadur. Hawaldar Bahadur, Hawaldar Bahadur aur Nashe ke Tashkar, Hawaldar Bahadur aur Dakuon ka giroh, Hawaldar Bahadur aur ustad pedro.

Pages: 128
Condition: Used/Average/Minor dents and wear/hardcover

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Hawaldar Bahadur is a beloved Hindi comic book character created by Manoj Gupta. The first comic was published in 1968 and it has been a staple of the Indian comic book industry ever since.

Hawaldar Bahadur is an Indian police officer known for his bravery, wit, and sense of justice. He is always ready to help the poor and downtrodden, and he always brings criminals and other bad guys to justice.

Hawaldar Bahadur’s comics are often filled with exciting stories and funny dialogue. They are popular with both children and adults.

Some of Hawaldar Bahadur’s most popular stories include:

The Miraculous Egg: In this story, Hawaldar Bahadur finds a magical egg that gives him the power to turn invisible. He uses this power to catch criminals.
The Golden Smugglers: In this story, Hawaldar Bahadur chases after gold smugglers who are planning to steal a treasure. The Nawab’s Horse: In this story, Hawaldar Bahadur investigates the theft of a Nawab’s horse.

Hawaldar Bahadur’s comics have played an important role in popularizing the Indian comic book industry. They are a source of entertainment and education for both children and adults.

Here are some of the other key characters in Hawaldar Bahadur’s comics:

Saeed Ali: Hawaldar Bahadur’s best friend and partner.
Abdul: Hawaldar Bahadur’s assistant.
Gupta Sahib: Hawaldar Bahadur’s superior officer.
Mr. Seth: A wealthy businessman who often helps Hawaldar Bahadur.

Hawaldar Bahadur’s comics have been translated into many languages and he has become an international symbol of the Indian comic book industry.

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