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Raj Comics have introduced various superheroes from time to time. All the superheroes have some great super power.

One such interesting superhero is Inspector Steel. As the name suggests he is a cop who has some supernatural powers like x ray vision, inbuilt weapon, advanced simony systems and scanners.

The first comic of this series was introduced by the name of Inspector Steel and is very rare and a collectible comic for a comic lover.

Comic is in readable condition.

Cover is not in good condition.

Comic is readable condition. 

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Sold out!

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Inspector Amar after an incident lost some major parts of his body. His friend Professor Anees saved his life. Amar’s brain was replaced in a mechanical body making him a cyborg.

Inspector Steel is 450 Kgs of Armour plating, ICs, chips, mind-boggling assemblage of weapon systems and electronic wizardry.

The only part human in him is his brain, which is wired to the rest of the systems.

So, let’s find out and read how his enemy Hammer, Farsa, Sir Gunga and mechanic chase him.

How Amar aka Inspector Steel , can defend himself with his superpowers and steel body.

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