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Inspector Steel Don Steel Buy Online


Inspector Steel Don Steel Buy Online. Schemer is back in Raj Nagar and is plotting against Inspector Steel. He sends his brother to do an act of theft when Steel catches him and shoots him. Furious on the loss of his brother Schemer decides to defame Inspector Steel infront of the public how does he manage to do so can be found in this action packed Hindi comics published by Raj comics.

Written by Hanif Azahar, Caligraphy and colour by Sunil Pandey. Planned by Vivek Mohan. Penciling by Naresh Kumar. Inking by Bhupendra Valiya, Lalit, Pradeep Saharavat, Azhar and edited by Manish Gupta.
Presented by Sanjay Gupta
Pages: 64
Publisher: Raj Comics

Sold out!

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Inspector Steel Don Steel Buy Online. Schemer who is the villain from Super Commando Dhruv’s comics and resides in Rajnagar the city of Inspector steel has decided to defame Steel and defeat him although after several tries he fails to do so and looses his brother in the act. How does Inspector steel become a don and what schemes is the Schemer ploting find out in this amazing comics of Inspector Steel published by Raj comics.

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