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Jambu aur Robo Comics India Tulsi Comics

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Buy Jambu aur Robo Tulsi Comics published by Comics India online. Jambu or Jamboo as we popularly call our favourite super hero from Tulsi comics was half machine and half human. Jambu aur Robo is 4th or the 5th comics from the list of Jambu series. The 32 page comics by Ved Prakash Sharma brings a new villain against Jambu. He is called Robo much like Jambu he is als a villain who is half human. He is immune to bullets and bombs.How will Jambu fight this powerful villain find out by buying this action packed comics.

Artist Bharat Makwana
Writer: Ved Prakash Sharma
Editor: Pramila Jain
Paper: Glossy

जम्बू और रोबो तुलसी कॉमिक्स ऑनलाइन खरीदें कॉमिक्स इंडिया द्वारा पब्लिश की गयीं कॉमिक्स

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Jambu aur Robo is a comics from the 3rd set of Comics India which is republishing the Tulsi comics under its licence. In this story a powerful villain who is half robot and comes by the name of Robo has come to attack the Nabha atomic center where a scientist named Dr Kulkarni is attacked. Jambu tries to fight with Robo but fails to defeat him in the first attempt because Banti’s car is overturned and he is stuck in the accident. While Jambu is saving Banti the villain blasts the atomic center and leaves the place in ashes. What does this powerful super villain want and how will Jambu stop him find out in the amazing comics.


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