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Hawaldar Bahadur 1-4 Manoj Comics Set 1


Buy Hawaldar Bahadur comics online (हवलदार बहादुर). The Manoj comics set 1 has been republished by Comics India and is available on The set one of Manoj comics contains 4 comics. Hawaldar bahadur, Hawaldar Bahadur aur Daakuon ka giroh, Hawaldar Bahadur aur Nashe ke Taskar, Hawaldar Bahadur aur Ustad Pedro. Each comics is published on high quality paper and has 32 pages of stories the work has been done by none other than amazing artist Bedi ji. Get your set of Hawaldar Bahadur Comics today.

You will get below four comics in Set 1
Hawaldar bahadur
Hawaldar Bahadur aur Daakuon ka giroh
Hawaldar Bahadur aur Nashe ke Taskar
Hawaldar Bahadur aur Ustad Pedro.

Pages:32 ( in each comics)
Condition: New
Artist: Bedi
Writer Vinay Prabhakar

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Hawaldar Bahadur is a funny character from Manoj comics. He was created by Bedi ji who is also the artist behind Bankelal from Raj comics. Author of Hawaldar Bahadur is famous Vinay Prabhakar. Hawaldar Bahadur is a constable from Indian police who is lazy and a coward in nature. Still he manages to bring down the bad guys with pure luck and some help from his friends. No one in the police department seem to care for him neither are his seniors happy with his work. He is easily fooled by everyone. One day he is in a bank when it is looted by some robbers. He recognizes their car and goes home where he is beaten by his wife. He is frustrated and decides to end his life when he sees the same white car in the jungle. What happens next you can read in the first comics of Hawaldar Bahadur.


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