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Nagraj Nagdweep


Nagina has landed on Nagdweep or the island of the snakes where Nagraj is the king she has taken over Kaldoot with her weapon named ankhush and now order them to kill both Visarpi and Nagraj. How will Nagraj stand agains the powers of Kaldoot find out in this action packed comics today.

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Nagdweep is the second part of the comics Mrityudand where people are after the madi or the gem which was in the treasure of Nagraj. The person who owns the three gems will have control over future, past and present. Both Nagpasha and Nagina are after the gems now. The comics starts with Nagraj fighting one of the demons called gargalant who has captured Nagraj in an energy ball which is reducing in size with each passing second. Gargalant is possesed by Nagina.
After defeating Gargalant, he is blessed with the boon that the weapon used to brainwash Gargalant will not work on Nagraj. The weapon called ankhush. Meanwhile after defeating the deamon our super hero goes to his den and finds out that his treasure is missing. Nagraj is shocked and asks Saudangi and his friends Nagu about the whole story.


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