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Parmanu Shakti Jaag Utha Shaitan


Buy Jaag Utha Shaitan Parmanu Shakti comics online. Published by Raj comics Parmanu is a yellow super hero who fights crime in the city of Delhi, he wears a mask to hide his identity and is inspector Vinay in disguise. On the other hand Shakti has been bestowed with divine powers to save the women in need. They both fight a devil who has been born in the form of child when a lightening and earthquake hits a temple. Find out the secret behind all this in this action packed comics Jaag Utha Shaitan.

Condition: Used/Average (minor wear and tear)
Pages: 64
Writer: Hanif Azhar
Assistance: Vivek Mohan
Editor: Manish Gupta
Penciling: Suresh Digwal
Inking: Vinod Kumar, Aadil Khan
Colour: Suneel Pandey
Calligraphy: TR Azad

Sold out!

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The story of Jaag Utha Shaitan starring Shakti and Parmanu starts with a lightening bolt hitting the ground and then an earthquake near a temple. The falling debris is held by Shakti to save the devotees inside the temple. Next comes Vinay to investigate this strange phenomenon meanwhile a man is after the kid who has fallen in this debris from the sky. The man sends his minions to fight Parmanu and get the kid but the minion named Danasur who is super powerful is killed in the act and someone else from his team picks up the kid. The mysterious man then tells that this boy has the power of evil and if he sits on this thrown named as Shinghasan Sulemani he will rule the world. How will Parmanu and Shakti stop this Shaitan kid from his evil plans find out in this amazing comics Jaag Utha Shaitan.


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