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Parmanu Ek Naya Itihaas


इस बार इतिहास कुछ अलग सोच कर आया है ।

वो किडनैप कर लेता है कुछ बच्चो को और बदले में मांगता है काली किताब ।

परनामु अब फस गया है इतिहास के जाल में । क्या वो बच्चो को बचा पायेगा या खुद मारा जायेगा ।

आगे क्या होता है जानने ले लिए पढ़े यह कॉमिक्स ।

What a superb fictional story of superhero Parmanu. If you are fond of reading fiction and a fan of superheroes you must read Ek Naya Itihas. Parmanu is a fictional Indian superhero character, first appeared in 1991 and till now he is winning hearts of readers.

Parmanu powers include popping into bombs and flying to travel from one place to another and can increase and decrease his size from Atom. In the last series he killed himself to save earth.

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Sold out!

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In the last series he killed himself to save earth.

Ek Naya Ithihas is the story of Itihas who kidnapped children and for returning he asked Parmanu to get black book hidden in Damrau.

Parmanu was trapped by Itihas and went there.

So let’s read this interesting story and find out what Itihas wants, why Itihas needs that black book.Is the book all secret of superpower.

Will,Parmanu be able to rescue children or is this end of Parmanu.

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