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Parmanu Street Gang


In 1993, the famous and super exciting character was on hype and he is Parmanu who has qualities of super heroes. Raj comics bring one amazing story again that is Street gang Parmanu. He has the ability to transfer into Atom and can fly. His secret identity is inspector Vinay, a police officer in Delhi.

इंस्पेक्टर विनय का आमना होता है दिल्ली के एक स्ट्रीट गैंग के साथ ।

कई बार वॉर्निंग देने के बाद भी जब वो गैंग अपने कारनामे बंद नहीं करता तो ।

इंस्पेक्टर विनय परमाणु बन कर उनको सबक सीखने आता है ।

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Let’s read this exciting story of a street gang who are very mischievous and always make other people. Inspector Vinay many times warms the but the gang is non stoppable.

Find out what inspector Vinay will do, will he be able to stop them or call Parmanu who is within him to stop them, how Parmanu will react and what he will do to stop him.

Story is full of suspense and takes new moves at every line you read and make you want to read till the time you don’t get answers to these questions.

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