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Prachanda Main Banunga Khalnayak


Prachanda is a super famous character of Raj comics who first appeared in 1994.

Prachanda has divine powers and fights for truth and saves peoples, he always stands with innocent people and fights against devils.

In this story, he appeared and fought against two strongest devils.

जब प्रथवी पर दैत्यों का उत्पात बहुत बढ़ गया तब पांच शक्तियॉ देवो के देव महादेव की शरण में गयी ।

और महादेव की कृपा से इन पांच शक्तियो – प्रथवी , पवन , जल , आकाश और अग्नि को मिला के हुआ प्रचंडा का जन्म ।

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This story is about Jugalu and Raktalu who enters in Khalnagari to become Khalnayak. And,there is storm in the city also where there is lot of happening is going on.

Then Raktalu comes,who drink blood of people, he also wants to become Khalnayak.

Who will become khalnayak Jugalu or Raktalu, who have more powers and who will harm more, how Prachanda will save innocent people, is Prachanda will able to stop all these or will take new turn.

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