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Ram Rahim Crookbond Manoj Chitrakatha Set -1


Buy the first comic set of Ram rahim and Crookbond this has been republished by Comics India in big size. Set Includes following 4 Big Size Comics

  • Dracula Balak (Ram Rahim)
  • Bhoot Mahal (Ram Rahim)
  • Modern Jasus Crookbond (this is the first comics of crookbond)
  • Crookbond Aur Sabhi Diwane Juton ke

Sold out!

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Ram Rahim’s first comic series is the story of Dracula and Dracula Balak where a scientist has done experiment and created a blood sucking monster who is immune to bullets. He serves the scientist by stealing kids and killing his enemies. The heroes of Manoj comics Ram Rahim have a real hard time fighting this monster. It is a rare comics find out how our heroes fight Dracula in the first Manoj Chitra Katha.

Crookbond is also included in the first Manoj Chitra Katha set. Crookbond also named agent James bond ka baap is a private detective who is very intelligent and uses his skills to defeat the enemies. His father Dhamaka Singh is a police officer and his cousin Motu helps him in solving cases. They both are private detectives. Later on in their comic series, you will find that they receive gifts from various scientists and get a super hero like abilities. Like a futuristic car.


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